Bobby Dazzler!

April 26th, 2013

Oh dear!  Look what’s happened!  Someone has emailed me some cuteness!

This is Bobby rockin’ his brand new extra small Red Spotty Hanky Dog Bandana.

He is 100% cute!  A real Bobby Dazzler!

Thank goodness for the extra small size because they get fashion conscious at such a young age these days.

Our extra small size is available in most designs and is suitable for puppies and toy dog breeds.  Extra small dog bandanas are available from Puppy Bandana at just £2.99 including Free UK Shipping.

If you’re only little you may want to shop in our Petites Department where you’ll find the full range of extra small cuteness we have available.  Please look for the ‘Extra Small‘ Department on our Puppy Bandana Website or you can carry on and shop with all the bigger dogs in our standard store but choose ‘XS’ when you add the bandana to your cart.

Bobby is the latest cute new recruit in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery.

Thanks for wearing and sharing Bobby!