Ellie’s trip to the groomers

May 10th, 2013

Things were beginning to get a bit out of hand!  Ellie’s fringe was starting to get in my eyes let alone hers!  So we decided it was time to get professional help.  We called Aunty Jane at Absolutely Grooming and made an appointment for some pampering. 

Lots of ladies like to go for Spa days with friends and it’s just the same for dogs.  Ellie has looked forward to going to Aunty Jane’s all week for a pamper session. She just adores all the attention and there were other little dogs there too which she was very excited about. So I left her standing in the bath and she didn’t bat an eyelid when I left – no separation anxiety going on at all!

I returned one hour later and I barely recognised her.  She has been transformed from scruffy hound to pristine pooch!

There was a strict brief given –  Bath please, claws cut, de-fluff the toes, leave the quiff, gentle scissor trim and tidy up of the precious spaniel ears (but go easy cuz we love em) and tight in on the body please – we need to see that sweet diva figure again….it’s been hiding for months under her fluffy dressing gown!

Here are the before and after photos of the gorgeous hound and her sleek new look.  Can’t wait to go out for some showing off!

Grandma is going to Skype us at 5.30pm to see how her Grand-dog is looking after her make-over! We thinks she’s going to be very impressed indeed.

What do you think of Ellie’s new look?

We love the new Elliepops! We think Aunty Jane has performed a miracle.