Dog Bowties and Ties

A dog bow tie is the perfect accessory for your puppy or dog if you want to spruce them up without trussing them up!

You may fully embrace Dog fashion and enjoy dressing your dog in dog jumpers, coats, jackets for dogs, t-shirts and even dresses for the girls, but it’s not for everyone.

If you don’t want to go as far as dog clothes but you want your dog to look stylish you can always opt for a pet accessory such as a dog bow tie or a dog tie.

A dickie bow for your dog can be smart but it can also be a quirky fun pet accessory too.

Puppy Bandana has a small range of adjustable bow ties for dogs. The bow ties can be worn with or without a collar, they are easy to fasten and they’re comfortable around your dog’s neck.  Our dog ties and dickie bows have a small hook fastener and adjuster.  The majority of designs come in just one size though we do have a couple of bow ties which are suitable for larger dogs.  Please take a look at our Puppy Bandana Size Guide for details of the sizes available and the recommended minimum and maximum neck measurements for our dog ties and dog bowties.

We always recommend that you measure your dogs neck when ordering any of our pet accessories, whether it’s a dog bandana or a dog tie or dickie bow.  Our Puppy Bandana Size Guide will help you order the correct size for your dog.

We have a selection of bow tie designs, the majority being unisex.  Dog Bow tie designs include, spots and stripes in various colours and there’s also our popular Ruby Bow Tie for Dogs

In addition to the dickie bows for dogs we also stock dog ties in equally appealing patterns. These are also adjustable and fasten in the same way as the dickie bows.

Of course our key product is always going to be dog bandanas and we have around 150 designs for you to choose from at Puppy Bandana but there’s no reason why you can’t include a bow tie or dog tie in your dog’s wardrobe for special occasions.

For dog accessories such as dickie bows, dog ties, dog bandanas and bow ties for dogs please visit our online shop at

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