Dog Bandanas for Small Dogs

Puppy Bandana make and sell tie-on dog bandanas in three sizes, the smallest of which is our Extra Small Dog Bandana. We also have Small/Medium Dog Bandanas which are also suitable for some small dog breeds. Just because a dog is small it doesn’t mean they’re small on personality or style! Let them express themselves with a quirky fun fashion dog bandana!

Our Extra Small Dog Bandana measures 45 centimetres. This measurement represents the side of the bandana that encircles the dog’s neck. All of our dog bandanas are tie-on bandanas so please allow a minimum of 10cm with which to tie the bandana up around the dogs neck. For full details of the dimensions of our extra small dog bandana and other sizes please see our Puppy Bandana Size Guide.

Puppy Bandana’s extra small dog bandanas are generally suitable for toy dog breeds, Chihuahua’s, Toy Poodles, puppies and even cats!

Small/Medium Dog Bandanas measure 52 centimetres and are generally suitable for Yorkies, Westies, Jack Russells, Pugs, Boston Terriers and similar sized dogs.

If you have a young growing puppy you may need to start off with an extra small size and then progress to a small/medium dog bandanas when they are grown.  It will depend on how tiny they are and the specific breed.

Our dog bandana size guide will give you an indication of the breeds of dog that the bandana may be suitable for however this should only be used as a guide. It is always advisable to measure your dogs neck and refer to our size guide and dog bandana dimensions before placing and order to make sure you get the correct size. If you are buying a bandana as a gift it may not be possible for you to measure the dog’s neck. Please see our Dog Neck Size by Breed information for help and guidance.

If you feel that our extra small Dog Bandana is too big for your dog please get in touch with us. All of our dog bandanas are handmade so if necessary we can make a bespoke size for you.

If you measure your dog’s neck and you are unsure which size to order please feel free to give us a call and we’ll see if we can answer any questions to help you decide. Some breeds can be borderline and it will depend on the dog’s actual neck measurement to which size they need. If in doubt always order a larger size as the bandana can be adjusted slightly by rolling the top edge over a couple of times before you tie it up.

We receive lots of orders and photos from owners of small dog breeds – take a look in our photo gallery to see the variety of dogs that enjoy wearing our bandanas.