Dog Bandanas at a glance….

January 17th, 2014

We’re feeling pretty clever this week because we’ve made some improvements to the Puppy Bandana website.  We’ve introduced a new way to quickly view all of our dog bandana designs.  We’ve gathered together a small square or swatch of the fabric design for each and every dog bandana we have on sale and popped them all on a new page called ‘swatches‘.  Clever stuff eh?!

You can still view bandanas the traditional way (on the dog) if you want to and we’ve renamed this section of the site ‘All Designs‘.  If you want to use the new nifty at a glance method then you should go for the quick view option which is on the menu too and it’s called ‘Swatches‘.

Simply click on the swatch you like you’ll be transported directly to the shop (with no obligation to purchase!) and directly to the design of your choice.  When you arrive, one of our doggy sales assistants will be modelling the bandana for you and and hopefully you’ll make a purchase.

There’s 100 dog bandana designs to choose from.  All designs are in both sections of the website so it doesn’t matter which route you take – you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Click HERE to choose your dog bandana using our Swatches

We haven’t got the Christmas ones on here yet…we’ve still got 341 days left to get it sorted though so there’s no rush!