Can you spot the difference?

July 5th, 2013

Study the two pictures above and see if you can spot the difference.  Once you’ve got it you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it straight away! 

Polka Dot (White on Red) and Polka Dot (Red on White) are new designs at Puppy Bandana.  They’re a souped-up version of the ever-popular Red Spotty Hanky.  The spots, or polka dots are much larger than Red Spotty Hanky – they’re around the size of a 20 pence piece.  How interesting I hear you say….

To celebrate the launch of the big polka dot we’ve decided to try something new – Yes, I’ve had a brainwave!  The entrepreneur in me has had a simply marvelous idea. 

We already sell individual bandanas in many many designs.   We also sell various 3 packs of bandanas. 

Well guess what?  We’re launching a twin pack!  Great isn’t it? However did we come up with that one???  Like I said, I’m an entrepreneur! 

Our debut twin pack is the Polka Dot Dog Bandana Twin Pack.  It consists of Polka Dot (Red on White) Dog Bandana and Polka Dot (White on Red) Dog Bandana.  One to wear and one as a spare!  You can of course buy these individually too but in our opinion two bandanas is better than one!

Both dog bandanas in the twin pack are the same size and though they’re sold together they come individually packaged.  Buying two together means we can give a little discount.  Feels great getting a bargain doesn’t it?  If the twin packs go well we may introduce more.  Keep an eye out for new offers in our Dog Bandana Offers Department and on Facebook.

We’ve added this money saving dog bandana duo to our Special Offer Dog Bandanas Department where you’ll find other money saving deals – please go and take a look.

Polka Dot Twin Pack
XS £4.50, S/M £6.50, M/L £8.50
All with Free UK Delivery

Or alternatively you can buy them individually
Polka Dot (White on Red) from just £2.99 Click HERE
Polka Dot (Red on White) also available from just £2.99 Click HERE
Also with Free UK Delivery