Dexter is 2!

January 14th, 2015

Where does the time go?  It seems like only 5 minutes ago that we were wishing Dexter a Happy 1st Birthday and already he’s 2.  Happy Birthday Dexter!

It looks like Dexter has been well looked after in the birthday department.  He’s done better than I usually do on my birthday – he even has a cake!

Dexter is wearing his birthday suit for us.  Makes it sound like he’s naked doesn’t it?  No way!  Dexter is a bandana junkie!  Pictured here on his actual birthday (we were late last year!) wearing his Red Bow Tie Dog Bandana which incidentally was part of a bandana twin pack and he has the Black Bow Tie and one of our brand new designs, Making Headlines, ready and waiting to wear.  What a lucky boy!

Although still very young Dexter has a wealth of experience in the art of the bandana and he has worked with us tirelessly over then last two years to develop and maintain ‘Dexterworld‘, a gallery dedicated to Dexter!

Want to read about Dexter’s 1st Birthday?  Click HERE

For a visit to Dexterworld please Click HERE

Thanks for sharing your birthday snaps with us Dexter.  What we’d really like is to get our paws on your cake 🙂

Dexter’s birthday pics are now available @ Dexterworld and on the Puppy Bandana Facebook page