Christmas Special Offers @ Puppy Bandana

November 13th, 2017

Did you know that there’s some people out there who have not only started their Christmas Shopping, they’ve finished it too!  Not me.  I must admit I’ve made a start but I’m far from finished.  I hope you haven’t finished either because I have some great Special Offers to tell you about.

New for 2017 we have 14 Special Offer packs featuring our popular Christmas Dog Bandana designs and some savings!!!  I realise it’s not life-changing discount but every little helps!

We have 10 different Christmas Twin Pack combinations and 4 Dog Bandana Offer Packs each containing 3 Christmas Bandanas.  You may need to read that again!  Alternatively you can just go and look at the Christmas Special Offers in our Multi-buys section.  They’re also listed in our Christmas Department too.

Special Offer Dog Bandana packs contain old and new designs but they are all everso nice!

Offer packs can be purchased in 3 sizes, extra small, small to medium or medium to large.  All bandanas are individually wrapped and each bandana in the offer pack is supplied in the same size.

Christmas is just starting to happen here at Puppy Bandana and the last few weeks have seen a steady increase in the number of Christmas patterns going out in the post so please place your order now to avoid disappointment – you don’t want to let your pooch down!

Christmas Dog Bandana Multi-buys include It’s Christmas, All Wrapped Up Twin Pack, 3 x Smiley Snowman and many more.

Special Offer Dog Bandanas from Puppy Bandana