Christmas Shopping

November 8th, 2012

Christmas Dog BandanasI don’t wish to alarm you but there’s just 46 days to go until ‘you know who’ comes to visit.  It’s time to pull your finger out and get on with your Christmas Shopping! 

To help you on the way we’ve put together a pack of three Christmas Dog Bandanas to include Santa on Skates, Peace n Joy and Red Nosed Reindeer.

Get your Pack of 3 Christmas Dog Bandanas here (Spaniel not included!)

We’ve included a little discount for the multi-purchase which you could always put towards another bandana purchase? (just a suggestion)

Talking of Christmas Shopping, please spare a thought for Mother today as we are off on a spree!  I spoke to her briefly yesterday to discuss strategy and to synchronize watches etc and she explained she was having a quiet day at home resting in preparation for today’s trip.  She’s packed the car with her shopping trolley and laid her clothes out ready which is all evidence that though she occasionally moans about the shopping rules (no coffee breaks, no sitting down, no toilet breaks, no leaving before closing time) that really she is quite accepting of them.   

Today we’re shopping for more Christmas Designs.  All will be revealed at ‘show n tell’ at the weekend.  See you there!

Pack of three christmas dog bandanas