Charlie and Archie

April 27th, 2015

Hey Chaps!  You’re looking very cool in your bandanas. 

We’d like to introduce Archie in Skull and Crossbones, age 6, and Charlie the Cockapoo in his Blue Stars Dog Bandana and he’s just a baby at 4 months old.

It looks and sounds to me like Archie is an excellent role model for baby Charlie.  He’s following Archie’s example and sitting nicely in his bandana to have his photo taken for all the Puppy Bandana followers

You see Archie has a story and we think it’s wonderful and ‘feel good’

It all started in Dubai and poor Archie was living in a dog’s home there.  Nobody wanted Archie because everyone thought he was too scruffy.  He stayed there waiting patiently for 2 years and then the best thing ever happened.  Archie was rescued by his Mummy!  It wasn’t his REAL Mummy, she was long gone, it was his human Mummy.  Archie was rescued and brought back to the U.K. and his human family think he’s a beauty, not scruffy – and we agree

Archie is beautiful inside and out and he’s decided to give something back.  Sweet-natured Archie spends his time helping out as a Pets at Therapy Dog.  Not bad for a scruff bag!  Only kidding Archie – I think you look ace!  My husband can look a bit of a scuff bag and it took him far longer than 2 years to get himself a home.  I rescued him after 36 years so you’ve nothing to be ashamed of Archie.

Of course Charlie is telling everyone that Archie has made up the whole Dubai/scruff bag story in a bid to get attention.   He’s says Archie has made up with an amazing back story because he feels he’s been upstaged by the arrival of a new Cockapoo Puppy and he wouldn’t get a look in otherwise! 

Both Archie and Charlie deserve lots of attention, especially when they look so fab in their bandanas 🙂

Thanks for sharing your pics and your stories with us boys.

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