Puppy Bandana Loves Cath Kidston!

April 6th, 2013

We simply love Cath Kidston here at Puppy Bandana so when we see a fabric that even remotely resembles a ‘Kidston’ we fall hook, line and sinker for it and before you can say ‘Cath Kidston Style Dog Bandanas‘ we’ve added it to our Dog Bandana Range.

Cath Kidston Style Dog Bandanas

When we spotted this little beauty we thought how very ‘Provence Rose’ it looked and so we had to have it.  No time was wasted.  The fabric was purchased yesterday.  It was handmade into dog bandanas the minute I got home, packed in front of the T.V. last night by the Puppy Bandana Packing Team (Myself and Hubby) and the photo shoot was completed this morning with Elliepops a.k.a. Diva

And so it is with great pleasure that I add to the Puppy Bandana range of fashionable dog bandanas, a NEW Cath Kidston Style Dog Bandana Provence Rose in Red.  From fabric shop to bandana store in less than 24 hours!

Our Provence Rose Red Dog Bandana is available in 3 sizes
X/S £2.99, S/M £3.99, M/L £4.99 and all with FREE UK Shipping
Buy your Provence Rose Red Dog Bandana by clicking HERE

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