What are you wearing?

May 20th, 2013

I think Tia’s clothes conference and fashion show may have influenced other local ladies.  When I say local, Tia and Bonnie are friends and they live just over the road from each other.

When Bonnie spotted Tia in Pale Pink Mini Dot and Vintage China Rose she decided she wanted a bandana wardrobe of her own.

Bonnie took details of the Puppy Bandana website and enjoyed an evening of online shopping. 
When she looked through our extensive range of bandanas for girls she decided that Tia had incredibly good taste and so she placed an order for some of the same designs.  Then she waited patiently in her petticoat for the bandanas to arrive. 

Bonnie bear can be seen in her Pale Pink Mini Dot and Vintage China Rose outfits in our Puppy Bandana Gallery and we think both ladies look absolutely delightful.  Well, they do say copying is the sincerest form of flattery don’t they? 

Ever been to a wedding or a party to find someone has exactly the same outfit on??? OMG!  How embarrassing!  And there’s also the other unfortunate situation when you find yourself dressed in clothes identical to Mother!

Okay, I admit it! I do have a small number if clothing items that Mother also has in her wardrobe (she copied me!)  Whenever I meet up with her and I’m wearing one of the ‘common’ garments I always wonder if we’re going to have a Mother/Daughter wardrobe clash.  If this ever happens we have to sing our little ‘sisters’ song!  (I guess you had to be there to get this joke!)

In a bid to avoid this rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction occurring we’ve had to introduce the ‘what will you be wearing phone call’. 

Perhaps Tia and Bonnie will have to do the same.