Big plans for Puppy Bandana

January 20th, 2013

Puppy bandana business cards
Look what’s arrived!  5000 beautiful Puppy Bandana Business Cards!  We use these for spreading the word about our quirky fun fashion brand and for packaging up our bandanas before we post them out to the little dogs. 

‘Wow!’ I hear you say.  ‘Does that mean you have orders for 5000 dog bandanas?’  Unfortunately the answer is ‘ No’ 

So why did we order 5000 Puppy Bandana Business Cards? 

1. We were nearly out of business cards.  Stocks were low and we needed to re-order

2. We’re going to make more effort to spread the word about Puppy Bandana during 2013.  Hubby hates me talking to strangers just because they have dogs.  He’s says it’s ‘nosey’ not ‘friendly’ (Mother?)  Anyway, I’ve decided with 5000 business cards in stock I can afford to take it one step further and start forcing Puppy Bandana Business Cards into the hands of any strangers I meet (only if they have a dog with them though!)

3. You’ve got to be optimistic about the success you can achieve in business. I WILL sell 5000 dog bandanas! (eventually)

And the real reason…..

It was so much cheaper to order 5000

If you’d like to have a Puppy Bandana Business Card of your own you can get one free with any Dog Bandana purchased in our Puppy Bandana Online Shop.  Alternatively you may be lucky enough to get a business card given to you (no purchase necessary) if you encounter me whilst out walking your dog!  Obviously thereafter you’d feel obliged to get yourself online and make a purchase…