A soft spot for Spaniels…

May 27th, 2013

We didn’t forget about Molly.  She’s too beautiful to forget but she has been waiting patiently in the gallery whilst we prepared her blog post.  Good girl Molly and thanks for waiting.

You can take a look at Molly in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery HERE

Molly was definitely worth waiting for and as you may have guessed we have rather a soft spot for Spaniels here at Puppy Bandana.

Is it wrong to have favourites? 

I suppose it’s okay to have a favourite bandana…red spotty hanky

…a favourite dessert…toffee and apple crumble with custard and ice cream and cream

…a favourite movie… three men and a little lady – sorry!  How very uncool 😳

…a favourite breed of dog…spaniel addict!

…a favourite child?   Oh dear!  I imagine this could become rather uncomfortable reading for those of you with favourites (Mother?)

I’m okay with this one because I don’t have any children yet, I have a spaniel instead.  Though Mother won’t admit it, she definitely has a favourite.

She has a favourite child and she has a favourite grand-dog.

I wonder if the competition is reading this?  If he is then I think we will be drawing very different conclusions from this.  Only Mother can confirm the truth of the matter and perhaps Jeremy with his lie detector contraption!  Imagine Mother on Jeremy Kyle!?  How funny!

So, although we’ve taken a little while to share Molly with you,  it’s got absolutely no reflection on how we rate her.  She is almost perfect as far as we’re concerned.  She’s my favourite breed, in my favourite bandana and she’s looking simply gorgeous in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery.